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BerlinEye 2009

Panorama Calendar + Interactive CD-ROM

I'd like to present here a category of panorama pictures which is still a little unusual: They are circle-shaped, and give you the impression of a fisheye view. In terms of geometry, these are polar projections, equivalent to fisheye images with a field of view of about 240 degrees.

Most people who are looking at such an image are fascinated, but a little dazzled at first view. Then, at a second view, they recognize where they are, and turn the image over and over to discover more details. This offers a new perspective, literally.

The Berlin.Eye calendar presented here shows large size polar panoramas from Berlin/Germany. It's the result of many experiments and some pioneer work. I started with "classical" panorama photography creating cylindrical and spherical formats, and later proceeded to writing some interactive tools for projection effects like those shown here.

All of these images originate from high-resolution full-spherical equirectangular panoramas (360°/180°). Apart from printing, they are also well suited for interactive viewing on a computer screen, where you can move the image around and zoom in and out, just with the movement of your mouse, which produces a highly realistic 3-D impression of the location. This kind of image presentation (which isn't yet very popular either) can be achieved with the help of an image viewer program like Panorado 4.0.

Thus, the calendar is accompanied by a CD-ROM which contains all the images in full-spherical rectangular format. It also includes the Panorado software (CD version), which is not only a comfortable image viewer, but also includes features like an image browser/organizer and image geocoding which enables you to start the Google Earth client on a mouse click and "fly" you to the image location.

Maybe we got you inspired? This could be a nice, representative gift, not only for Berliners...

The calendar is produced with a small number of copies:
DIN A3 size - 297/420mm, color laser print on 210g semi-gloss paper, transparent cover, spiral binding with thumb cut and hanger.

Our direct sale offer:
39.90 € incl. shipping within Europe and taxes, advance payment, or
29.90 € direct sale in Berlin incl. taxes.

If you're interested, please send us a short e-mail message!

Some preview images:

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January: Kreuzberg Crossroads August: TV Tower and Alexanderplatz Station

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