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What is Panorado?

Panorado is a comfortable image viewer with special support for panoramic and HDR images, with browsing capabilities and some very useful imaging tools.

It's a standalone Windows application and doesn't require a web browser.

^ Navigation bar and preview images
^ Movable panoramic image

What is unique about Panorado?

  • It's comfortable and very much "mouse-aware".

    There's a 'panning' and a 'grabbing' mode to move around the picture. For zooming in and out, you simply rotate the mouse wheel. Soft zooming, soft panning and soft fading effects provide a very comfortable viewing impression.

  • It specially supports large pictures and panoramic pictures.

    Your pictures are allowed to largely exceed the screen size. Panoramic pictures are recognized automatically and eventually displayed as spherical seamless 360° images. Background...

  • It supports 14 graphics file formats.

    These are: JPEG, GIF, BMP, WMF, EMF, ICO, CUR, TGA, PCX, PNG, TIFF, JPEG 2000, PNM, and RAS. There's also support for Quicktime panoramas - to be viewed in Panorado quality!

    Camera RAW formats supported by the DCRaw tool have been added.

  • It supports HDR images.

    Another addition: HDR images with extended dynamic range, to be viewed with either manual or automatic brightness and contrast adjustment. Background...

  • It helps you to manage large amounts of pictures.

    The navigation bar which can be activated lets you browse through pictures on hard drives, CDs, DVDs, memory cards, and digital cameras.
    It provides file management capabilities which are very similar to those of the Windows Explorer. A right click, for example, will start your favorite image editor.

    The Organizer tool which has been completely redesigned helps you to find, select and arrange images, which can subsequently be passed to one of the powerful batch jobs for copying, renaming, rotating, scaling images, etc.

  • It provides full metadata support.

    EXIF data (like exposure time and some more exposure details) is generated by most digital cameras.
    IPTC is a standard for textual information used in the media business.
    Editable metadata provides a range of new possibilities. Background...

  • It automatically recognizes file changes.

    If any of the files listed or displayed are affected, these files will be redrawn.

  • It's fast.

    Panorado uses DirectDraw to make best use of your graphics hardware. This makes your pictures move across the screen as smooth as possible.

  • It supplies a true full screen mode.

    See your pictures with no buttons on the edges.

  • It shows thumbnails of all pictures in one folder.

    It does so very fast.

    In oversize or extreme Landscape format, if desired.
    You can toggle between thumbnail view and list view with extended image descriptions.

  • It provides a slide show running automatically.

    Panning through panoramic pictures, if you like. You can interrupt and resume a show anytime.

  • It supports printing.

    In case you want to see your pictures on paper.

  • It contains a toolbox for creating 6 panoramic transformation effects.

    Like straightened portions of spherical images, cubic, and polar panorama projections.

    This tool has been redesigned in v.4.0.

  • It includes a tool for burning picture disks.

    Along with the pictures, the CD or DVD created contains the Panorado software which makes it ready-to-play immediately.

  • It can show an image's location in Google Earth.

    Press a button and "fly" there. Press another button to geocode your images with the current Google Earth location. Background...

  • It provides an English user interface.

    And German, of course.

  • It's really simple.

    I'm sure you won't really need the online help - but have a look at it though!

^ Organizer tool
^ Panoramic Transformations tool

What is Panorado good for?

These are just some examples (without claiming to be complete):

  • The 'digital photo album' on your hard disk.
    But no leather cover, and no finger prints.
  • The pictures on your digital camera chip.
    But in full screen size, not just stamp size.
  • Pictures which you pass to someone else on a CD or DVD.
    Composed with the help of Panorado's picture disk creator tool. Just insert the disk into any other Windows computer - the show begins. Don't care about software installation.
  • Digital charts in bitmap format.
    City maps, road maps, nautical charts, aviation charts, ...

You'll find some examples of panoramic pictures in our little Panorama Gallery.

Which system environment does Panorado require?

Panorado runs on Windows platforms, both 32-bit and 64-bit.

The functionality has been tested on Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1/10 with various graphics device drivers and single monitor/dual monitor configurations.

How do you get Panorado?

Let's assume you already have some pictures. Maybe even some panoramic pictures. (Background...)

Just download the setup file and start it:

DOWNLOAD >>   Windows 32-Bit    Windows 64-Bit

Panorado will be ready to run immediately.

The current build version is

What does "shareware" mean?

Panorado is "shareware". This means:

After downloading and installing the software, you can evaluate it for 30 days without charge.

If you decide to use it later, you can acquire a license from the online order page.

There is one exception to the licensing described above: You can create a picture CD (or DVD) and install Panorado on it. The recipient of this CD doesn't need to purchase a license if he wants to play the images with Panorado. This applies only to images on changeable media if the program files are also launched from this media, and only for non-commercial distribution.

What's the price for a license?

24.99 Euro, German VAT included. Or 29.99 US Dollars.


You'll get your license online from our sales partner Share-It!.

Where do you get support?

If you encounter any problems or want to make any suggestions concerning the software, don't hesitate to contact the Panorado support.

For questions about order and license processing, please contact our sales partner Share-It!.

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