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Panorado JS 2.6

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Prices and Conditions

The use of the Panorado JS viewer on private non-profit websites is free. This doesn't even require a registration.

The use on all other kinds of websites or publications is regarded as commercial and requires a license agreement and registration as soon as any page containing the viewer gets published.
This applies for example to corporations, shops, advertising, enterprises, organisations, schools, and universities.

License fees for commercial use: Up to 10 images 39 EUR or 49 USD
Up to 50 images 99 EUR or 129 USD
Any number of images 199 EUR or 259 USD

Upgrades from existing licenses: From 10 to 50 images 59 EUR or 77 USD
From 10 to any number of images 169 EUR or 219 USD
From 50 to any number of images 109 EUR or 139 USD

Prices are for displaying the listed number of images on a single website with the help of the viewer.

According to fiscal regulations, we are legally bound to charge additional VAT of 19% for German customers. EU residents outside Germany who don't provide a European VAT ID are also required to pay VAT.

There's no time limit for the license.

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